The Power Prayer

The Power Prayer

God, I come to You in the Wonderful and Healing name of Jesus Christ
Your Son,

Please forgive me my sins, just as I forgave those that sinned against me.
God please pour Your blessings out over me! Enlarge my territory!

Take me and my family under Your protection! Lord.

Be with me in everything I do!

And keep me from any evil!

So that no pain and suffering would come my way!

God, I renounce every activity of the Occult’s over my life!

I renounce every family curse over us!

I bind every stronghold, defilement, plan or strategy that Satan and his
followers has over my life right now!

I renounce it and declare it “Broken” in the powerful Blood of Jesus!
It has no more power over me!

God only give me my daily bread, and build in me, not to worry about
anything, but come to You in prayer with faith and Pray about

I Praise Your name, for You are! “Jehovah Nissi” The God, my Protector!
You are! “Jehovah Shammah” the God, with me! You are! “Jehovah
Rafha” The God, my Healer!

I will witness to others, about your blessings to me! I Thank You God and
let Your will be done in my life.

Amen and Amen

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