Separation From God

Article written by Dr. Michelle Strydom MD

The first level is separation from God the Father – from Him as a Person, from His Word and from His love.

The foundation of the Kingdom of God is relationship. Therefore the foundation of satan’s attack is to destroy your relationship with God, yourself and others.

Separation From God As A Person:

There are people who do not know God at all – they have never invited Jesus to be Lord of their lives. All healing has to begin with an intimate love relationship with God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ beyond the realms of empty man made religion. God wants an intimate relationship with you – He wants you to know Him personally.

Jesus said in John 15 v 4 – 5: “4Dwell in Me, and I will dwell in you. [Live in Me, and I will live in you.] Just as no branch can bear fruit of itself without abiding in (being vitally united to) the vine, neither can you bear fruit unless you abide in Me. 5I am the Vine; you are the branches. Whoever lives in Me and I in Him bears much (abundant) fruit. However, apartfrom Me [cut off from vital union with Me] you can do nothing.”

I have no idea how to offer you any real healing or real peace apart from God because apart from God you can do nothing. From a medical or scientific perspective you have to change your thinking in order to get well from 87% of diseases. But you cannot change yourself in your own strength. For example, you may have high blood pressure and I can explain to you on a purely scientific level how it is caused by fear, anxiety and stress. So you can set out on a mission to change your thinking by not worrying or stressing about the future and you may be able to keep it up for two or three days but then you will soon slip back into your old ways and you will keep going round and round the same mountain. Both science and the Bible are saying that to be healed of your disease, you need to change your thinking. But no permanent change is possible apart from God – apart from God you can do nothing.

Furthermore you cannot claim what does not belong to you. For example, Discovery is a medical aid in South Africa – if I went into hospital I would have no right to claim anything from them because I am not a member and therefore they won’t cover me. If you are separated from God because you have not made Jesus the Lord of your life, you are not part of God’s family. Therefore His promises which include healing are not available to you.

Let’s have a look at this story in Mark 7 v 24 – 30: “24And Jesus rose and went away from there to the region of Tyre and Sidon. And He went into a house and did not want anyone to know [that He was there]; but it was not possible for Him to be hidden [from public notice]. 25Instead, at once, a woman whose little daughter had (was under the control of) an unclean spirit heard about Him and came and flung herself down at His feet. 26Now the woman was a Greek (Gentile), a Syrophoenician by nationality. And she kept begging Him to drive the demon out of her little daughter. 27And He said to her, First let the children be fed, for it is not becoming or proper or right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the [little house] dogs. 28But she answered Him, Yes, Lord, yet even the small pups under the table eat the little children’s scraps of food. 29And He said to her, Because of this saying, you may go your way; the demon has gone out of your daughter [permanently]. 30 And she went home and found the child thrown on the couch, and the demon departed.”

Out of compassion Jesus healed this woman’s daughter but when this foreign woman initially asked Jesus for healing, He said to her, “Let the children first be filled, for it is not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.” In other words what Jesus was saying to her is, “You don’t qualify. You have no right to healing because you are separated from God – you are not under His covenant. You are asking for something that does not belong to you.” There are many unsaved people from New Age and false religions who want healing from God but do not want to accept Him. They are not interested in God the Father, His Son or the Holy Spirit, they just want the “fix” so that they can get rid of their incurable illness. I have already been approached by other doctors in South Africa who have seen the success of this teaching in terms of people recovering from incurable diseases. They have asked me if they can take the teaching in my book, but take God out of it so as to make it more acceptable to the world, as not all people will accept God. My answer to them was this, “To take God out of the teaching in this book is like giving people a car with no petrol in it. The car will not be able to take them anywhere. Apart from God you can do nothing.”

If you do not know God or have an intimate love relationship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ, I recommend that you read through the chapter on page 491.

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