The Root Cause of Strokes

Article written by Dr. Michelle Strydom MD

Each area in your brain controls a specific function in your body. When an area of the brain is damaged, the corresponding function in the body is lost. For example, if the area in your brain that controls speech is damaged, you won’t be able to talk. If the area that controls the movement of your left arm and leg is damaged, your left arm and leg will be paralyzed. This is what a stroke is – loss of function of a part of the body due to damage in an area of the brain. The spiritual root behind strokes depends on the underlying disease that caused it.

Damage in the brain leading to a stroke can occur by:

1. Blockage of a blood vessel that supplies the brain – when the blood supply is cut off, the brain tissue dies. This accounts for 85% of strokes.

2. Rupture of a blood vessel that supplies the brain – This can be caused by high blood pressure. The increased pressure eventually causes the walls of the blood vessels to weaken and burst. It can also be caused by aneurysms which is an abnormal weakening in the vessel walls that eventually bursts. When a blood vessel in the brain bursts, there is an explosive entry of blood into the brain tissue that damages the nerves in that area. They are literally split apart by the high pressure jet stream of the blood. The mass of blood in the brain tissue compresses the nerves which also causes damage. This accounts for the other 15% of strokes. The spiritual root behind strokes caused by high blood pressure is fear, anxiety and stress. High blood pressure is explained in detail on page 339. The spiritual root behind aneurysms is anger, rage and resentment. Aneurysms are discussed in detail on page 352.

Abuse of alcohol, amphetamines and cocaine also damages the blood vessels that supply the brain, leading to bleeding into the brain and strokes. The spiritual root behind these addictions is a low selfesteem, a need to be loved unfulfilled and the insecurities that come from that. This is explained in more detail on page 216. Drugs that ‘thin the blood’ (impair clotting), such as warfarin and an overdose of aspirin can cause bleeding into the brain and a stroke.

Blockage of the Arteries Supplying the Brain Which Causes 85% of Strokes

Diseases of the blood vessels that supply the brain is the third most common cause of death after ischaemic heart disease and cancer in the developed world. Blockage of the arteries that supply blood to the brain most commonly occurs as a result of atherosclerosis. This is rooted in self-hatred, self-rejection, self-condemnation and people who are very, very angry with themselves. You have become your biggest enemy because you don’t feel loved. This can also be inherited in family trees that don’t know how to receive love. When you don’t like yourself and you are attacking yourself spiritually with self-hatred in your thoughts, the brain converts this into a physical reaction and you have killing off of your body tissue by blocking off the blood supply.

To understand strokes caused by atherosclerosis and the spiritual root behind it, you need to read through the chapter on cholesterol on page 328.

20% of strokes due to blockage of the blood vessels supplying the brain are caused by heart disease. This is where a blood clot forms in the heart and is then pumped out of the heart into the blood vessels. If the blood clot goes into one of the vessels that supply the brain, the clot can block that blood vessel. This cuts off the blood supply to an area of brain tissue, causing it to die – and hence a stroke.

Blood clots form in the following conditions:

1. When the blood flows over an abnormal surface – for example a scar in the heart muscle from a previous heart attack or a prosthetic valve where a person has had a valve replacement.

2. Changes in blood flow – normally blood flow in the heart and blood vessels is streamline. Blood flow becomes turbulent when blood flows rapidly and chaotically through the heart and blood vessels, similar to rough water in a river with rapids. Turbulent flow can be caused by the heart beating at an irregular, abnormal rhythm. Clots can also form when blood flow is too slow or standing still in an area, for example in heart failure or in the region of a scar in the heart muscle from a previous heart attack.

3. Blood clots can also form when the blood becomes very thick, for example woman who take the contraceptive pill.

The spiritual root behind the heart diseases that lead to blood clots which can cause strokes is fear, anxiety and stress and/or self-hatred. These diseases and an explanation of the spiritual root behind them are discussed in detail in the chapter on cardiovascular diseases on page 335.

The damage done to the brain during a stroke is irreversible. Therefore you need to operate in the gift of miracles where you speak a creative miracle and new brain tissue into being in the Name of Jesus. I explain more about the gift of miracles on page 123 under the heading “Sometimes You Can’t Do It Alone.

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